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In a video interview with Gametrailers, they sit down with Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, to discuss her father’s gaming legacy. What’s interesting here is that the daughter of the late (but still great) Bruce Lee is asked if there’s a new versus-style game or game based on one of this movies coming. Shannon Lee then hints: “There’s definitely been talk. I can’t really say right now what’s going on. But definitely, we’re very excited.” She then carries on talking about the ultimate Bruce Lee gaming experience…

Xbox game Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon, not so good. In fact, it was pretty bad. With a misopportunity like that, you'd think that someone somewhere would be working on a Bruce Lee game. Perhaps an adaption of one of his classic flicks or a versus-style game.

Let's hope they're more excited than they were with Quest of the Dragon. Fingers crossed they get it right this next time around.

Author: Brian Ashcraft

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