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Police in India learn martial arts weapon - nunchaku
Surat (Gujarat): A police force in Navsari in Gujarat has decided to look East for inspiration. Policemen are now training to use the nunchaku so that they can show criminals just who the boss is.

"Martial art films have inspired us to introduce the nunchakus. It’s time we changed our weapons,” says SP, Navsari, Mayank Chavda.

Martial arts experts are training policemen to use the nunchaku and the tonfa - a small wooden baton, which is used by many police forces in the West.

The nunchaku is considered so deadly that mere possession is illegal in many countries, including Germany, Norway, Spain, and Hong Kong. But that hasn't stopped the police department from training 60 of its men in the use of the weapons. As for those learning the art, they are more than happy.

"It’s difficult at first to use this weapon. But I really want to wield this as fast as Bruce Lee did,” says Constable, Navsari Police, Faruq Sheikh.

Meanwhile, the department has plans to train all policemen in the district to use the weapons.
Author: Kinnari Patel

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