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Bruce Lee and Elis Presley: the king of kung-fu and the king of rock and rool. 2007 Seni Film Festival in London - Bruce Lee News

Coming to the 2007 Seni Film Festival in London are a collection of new and classic martial arts movies dominated by a screening of rare Bruce Lee footage from his live demonstration during a Long Beach competition in 1967.

Rising Sun Productions came across this rare and mint condition 16mm color film, along with a 16mm film of Elvis Presley performing a demonstration of Kenpo Karate in the early 1970s. Both film strips have been edited into a short film entitled THE TWO KINGS: THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL, AND THE KING OF KUNG FU. This screening marks the first public showcase for European audiences of this 40-year-old footage.

In addition to the short film, Seni will offer the big screen premieres of Donnie Yen’s DRAGON TIGER GATE and Ryoo Seung-wan’s stylish street brawler THE CITY OF VIOLENCE, featuring the action direction of leading man Jeong Du-hong.

Other films to be shown include two recent Don Wilson features THE LAST SENTINEL and SCI-FIGHTER, Donnie Yen classics SHANGHAI AFFAIRS and LEGEND OF THE WOLF, and Bruceploitation classics CHINESE GODFATHER, NEW FIST OF FURY (starring Jackie Chan), and THE DEADLY STRIKE. A feature-length documentary entitled BRUCE LEE MARTIAL ARTS MASTER will also be shown.

The festival will be complimented by guest star appearances, Q&A sessions and workshops by Hollywood stunt coordinator Dave Lea and rising U.K. stars Silvio Cimac (DEAD OR ALIVE) and Scott Akdins (UNDISPUTED 2). Veteran genre star Don Wilson will also be making an appearance to meet fans and talk about his latest release, THE LAST SENTINEL.

The Seni Film Festival will take place on May 19th and 20th at ExCel London, an international exhibition and conference center set in the heart of the London Docklands. The film fest is part of the Seni Combat Sports Show, a large fighting arts festival that began as an expo in 1999 and has grown into one of the largest events of its kind in the world.

The Seni show stretches across 14,000 square meters with five zones containing over 15 feature arenas, 30 live events, 30 instructional seminars and interactive workshops, hundreds of demonstrations, eight open championships, and numerous challenges that visitors can get involved in.

For ticket sales and more information about the Seni Film Festival or Combat Sports Show visit their official site at
Author: Mark Pollard

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