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Bruce Lee truly is immortal. He’s been dead for 33 years and yet he stills receives the kind of publicity that most living celebrities would kill for. The scuttlebutt flooding news sites around the web recently is that Lee is going to get his very own theme park and make a miraculous comeback in a new feature film via digital editing.

Rob Cohen, director of DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY (1993) is set to helm RAGE AND FURY and this time, instead of getting an actor to play Lee in another biopic, Cohen is going to recreate Lee digitally and put him in a whole new movie. In an e-mail to Cohen said that the film will create onscreen “an entirely photo-realistic Bruce Lee with new, advanced digital technology.”

This might sound familiar. Back in 2001, Chul Shin, a South Korean filmmaker, had announced plans to put forth a fully digitalized Bruce Lee into a feature film titled DRAGON WARRIOR. As much as $30 million had been raised for the project, but nothing came of it. Chul had been planning to use stunt actors capable of replicating Lee’s moves with motion capture technology, which is widely used today in the video game industry and to a lesser degree in feature film.

Cohen is also planning to use the same technology to put a digital Bruce Lee into a new contemporary story, which at this point concerns the ghost of Lee mentoring a 15-year-old boy in Jeet Kune Do.

Dialogue from interviews and Lee’s past movies will be used to give voice to the digital Bruce Lee.

“I am doing this to further honor Bruce,” said Cohen. “It was one thing to make DRAGON but this will be the Man himself, alive for those of us that didn’t get enough and the new generations who should know what he was all about.”

DRAGON was a fair attempt at exploring the life of Bruce Lee from a Hollywood perspective. But all of Cohen’s films since have gotten bigger and dumber. Trying to be the first to put forth a fully digital actor who is no longer living is challenge enough, but an even tougher challenge will be convincing fans that this Bruce Lee is any better than the horde of Bruceploitation actors who once stood in for the real thing in countless B-movies.

If a digital Bruce Lee isn’t your thing, maybe the thought of visiting a theme park revolving around the late star is.

Wong Yiu-keung, the president of Hong Kong’s Bruce Lee Fan Club recently revealed plans for a Bruce Lee theme park, which is expected to cost more than $25 million and take three years to complete.

The park will contain a martial arts academy, conference center and statue. It will be located at Lee’s southern Chinese ancestral home of Shunde. The city is located near the coast, about half way between Vietnam and Taiwan.

There has been no mention of attractions such as “Bumper Cars of Fury,” “Way of the X-treme Dragon Roller Coaster,” “The Bruceploitation Pirate Cove,”or “Han’s House of Mirrors,” suggesting that this Bruce Lee theme park will be of a different variety than say, Six Flags. If true, it’s most definitely a missed opportunity. Hopefully, there will at least be an animatronic Bruce Lee or two flailing passersby with foam nunchaku or Chuck Norris chest hair sold in the gift shop. The possibilities (for more commercial exploitation of Bruce Lee) are endless.

Author: Mark Pollard

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