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The Martial Arts have been practiced for over 2000 years and millions have mastered this ancient art but in the modern era one name stands tall above the rest.

It is the legend of Bruce Lee, martial artist, movie actor and entertainer extraordinaire.

He lost a street fight once in Hong Kong which drove him into the Chinese martial arts of Kung Fu and he never lost a fight after that.

Bruce Lee was not just an actor, he was a warrior who trained 5 hours a day seven days a week. He was of mixed Chinese and German origin (Father-Chinese and Mother-Chinese/German). Standing at 159 cm tall he was fairly short, but he could punch fight people three times his size and height. He could extend his arm, 1 inch away from a person and with a simple shrug of his shoulder send the person flying 3-4 meters away.

He died in 1973 at age 32 in the middle of a movie during a meal and questions have been asked ever since as to the cause of his death. But his legend is as fresh as if he is alive today and lives on as do some of his students and contemporaries like Chuck Norris.

This article profiles his movies which still attract millions world wide.

"The Big Boss" (Released in America as "Fists of Fury") was the first movie that Bruce Lee took part in as main character. There were many movies and plays that he participated in before that in minor roles, including being cast as a female infant in a play in San Francisco when he was only two months old.

The Big Boss was a huge success for the makers of the film. It sold nationally (China) as well as internationally including in the United States where it was released as "Fists of Fury". This was mostly because of Bruce Lee who was already very popular in his role as Kato in the "Green Hornet" a series that closed down because Kato (Bruce) became more popular then the lead character and talk was going all over China how people wanted to see Bruce in a lead role. That is why he was chosen for "The Big Boss".

The next movie in which Bruce Lee was the main character was "Fists of Fury" (Released in America as "The Chinese Connection") which sold even better than "The Big Boss".

The box office hit indicated that Bruce Lee was now an international commodity and there was growing demand by Martial Arts movie watchers all over the world.

In "The Chinese Connection" Lee takes up the role of the best pupil in a Japan based Chinese Kung Fu School. A short time after being established, the schools head teacher dies of an unknown cause. It is not long before the students of the Japanese Karate Schools start to bully the foreigners, always stressing that Japanese Karate is better than Chinese Kung Fu. Lee sets out to find the true cause of his teacher's death and after a round of terrorizing and interrogating, finds the grizzly cause that connects to his own people (Chinese). In the grand finale Lee demonstrates Chinese Kung Fu in shear brilliance and introduces his self made technique, called "Jeet Kun Do". Jeet Kun Do, the martial arts student knows, is one of the most unique techniques which applies skills from many other martial art forms and has been mastered by very few.

When Bruce Lee was alive he urged each person to develop his/her own technique. As he would said: "My truth is not your truth, but it is a guideline to your enlightenment". "The Chinese Connection", is a must get for all action watchers and even my old man, who must have watched it ten times before will sit down and enjoy the fight scenes every now and then.
Copies should be selling at good music and movie shops every where.

"Way of the Dragon" (Which was released in America as "The Return of the Dragon") was a block buster. Bruce Lee was now an international super star. "The Return of the Dragon" is about a young man named Tung Lung who goes to Rome to help out a family friend of his Martial Arts instructor. This particular family member runs a restaurant in the city and is being bullied by the crime syndicate of the city into signing a deed that will give the syndicate the restaurant.

Tung Lung is quickly found to be skilled in the Martial Way and is told to train all workers at the restaurant, but being on their home ground, the syndicate's thugs come in thick and fast and outnumber the restaurant workers. To make things even worse, there is a traitor in their midst and time for finding this person runs out. The syndicate members decide to hire three experts in the martial arts, one of these three will be Chuck Norris. This is a show down of which technique of the martial arts will work best. It is clear that Bruce Lee has developed the ultimate technique. He shows this in the many battles scenes in this bumpy tale of disloyalty and justice.

"The Return of the Dragon should also be on the shelves all over Papua New Guinea. Bruce Lee is a hero and icon all over the world. What made him special was his ability to showcase the martial arts without any difficulty.

He appreciated all techniques, but was bound by none.
Author: Franklin Datu Kolma

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