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The Hong Kong TV series "Huo Yuanjia": new version on 25th anniversary of the original classic - Bruce Lee News

The Hong Kong TV series "Huo Yuanjia" swept the nation back in the early 1980s. The lead roles, characters like Chen Zhen and Zhao Qiannan, are still etched in the memories of millions. And now a new version of the drama is about to hit the airwaves. Cast members got together for a press briefing, on the 25th anniversary of the original classic.

Actors Bruce Leung and Michelle Yim, from the 1981 version, made an appearance and brought two surprise guests from the United States. They were Phoebe and Robert Lee, sister and brother of late martial arts master Bruce Lee.

The arrival of original cast members had most of the participants waxing nostalgic. But the conversation then turned to the new version, and whether it will outdo its predecessor. When asked to compare himself with the new Chen Zhen, Hong Kong's Jordan Chan, Bruce Leung was full of answers.

Bruce Leung said:"Look at us! We're both quite handsome, and quite alike."
And the two even competed in a test of martial arts! A designed stunt saw Jordan kicking Bruce to the ground, which terrified their audience.

Jordan Chan said:"I didn't knew we'd be kicking each other today. Leung told me to let him have it hard. I was worried about hurting him, so I helped him up quickly in case he was injured."

And so it all turned out harmless. Perhaps Bruce Leung is looking forward to a comeback, through renewed interest in the legendary story of "Huo Yuanjia".

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