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The dragon's legacy lives on 07.25.2007
The dragon's legacy lives on
IN 1972, filming on Bruce Lee's movie Game of Death was called to a halt - with 90 minutes of footage shot - to allow the actor to star in Enter the Dragon.
New Fist Of Fury: Jackie Chan 07.25.2007
New Fist Of Fury: Jackie Chan to replace Bruce Lee
Following the death of Bruce Lee, film producers paid homage to his legend by doing their damndest to make a fast buck on the most famous name in kung fu. Lookalikes, name-alikes and soundalikes all appeared with the law of diminishing returns being proven by the rotten films and actors that had but a threadbare connection to Bruce Lee. Lee Roy Lung even donned the famous yellow-and-black jumpsuit to star in The Bruce Lee Story , with Lee Roy being cast as Bruce Lee for a biopic but also getting to star in the film-within-a-film that Bruce Lee would have made.
Stephen Chow, 07.25.2007
Stephen Chow, huge Bruce Lee fan, to play Kato in the remake of the Green Hornet
Hot off the heels that Seth Rogan is going to play the Green Hornet comes word that Stephen Chow is in talks to play Kato. Although Stephen Chow is a huge Bruce Lee fan and is well known for this fact I am not sure why he would want to play the role of Kato. We will have to wait and see how this one progresses.
Bruce Lee side kick 07.15.2007
Teenager's essay about Bruce Lee: in whose shoes do you want to wake up tomorrow?
If you could wake up tomorrow and be in someone else's shoes, who would it be?
The Un-Humvee: Beijing Jeep Rolls Out Bruce Lee-Inspired Military Jeep 07.03.2007
The Un-Humvee: Beijing Jeep Rolls Out Bruce Lee-Inspired Military Jeep
When American auto designer Edward Wong set out to create the first new Chinese military Jeep in 35 years, he drew his inspiration from Bruce Lee and the Shaolin monks, Chinese Buddhists associated with the martial arts. Little wonder then, that the new BJ2S is nicknamed "the Warrior."
Shannon Lee hints new Bruce Lee game 07.03.2007
Shannon Lee hints new Bruce Lee game
In a video interview with Gametrailers, they sit down with Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, to discuss her father’s gaming legacy.
Spike TV: presentation of Bruce Lee Day 06.26.2007
Spike TV: presentation of Bruce Lee Day. The homage: ten hours of programming and rare digital content, the greatest martial arts film of all time
In conjunction with Spike TV's presentation of Bruce Lee Day, and will both feature exclusive digital content in a unique cross promotion.
Chinese state television CCTV is producing a 50-part series on Bruce lEe 06.26.2007
Chinese state television CCTV is producing a 50-part series on Bruce lEe
BEIJING (Reuters Life!) - Martial arts star Bruce Lee's legend will live on 34 years after his death, and this time it won't be in a movie theatre but on TV.
Bruce Lee: filipino kali 06.04.2007
Bruce Lee student hosts workshop: Bustillo teaches Filipino stick fighting at Dragon's Den in Union City
Bustillo teaches Filipino stick fighting at Dragon's Den in Union City. The Filipino martial art of stick fighting, Cacoy Doce Pares, is hard to defend against. And for centuries, it was even harder to learn.
Police in India learn martial arts weapon - nunchaku 06.04.2007
Bruce Lee inspires a police in India to use nunchaku and study martial arts
Surat (Gujarat): A police force in Navsari in Gujarat has decided to look East for inspiration. Policemen are now training to use the nunchaku so that they can show criminals just who the boss is.
Bruce Lee’s Diet 05.31.2007
Bruce Lee’s Diet: Avoid refined flour, Chinese Food, Dairy Food, Size of Portions / Number of Meals, Protein Drinks, Supplements, Carbohydrates - Juicing and blending, Honey and Ginseng, Sample Meals
Bruce Lee is famous for his devotion to martial arts and his great abilities in this field. He was not only an exceptional martial artist, but also a serious body builder. He firmly beleived that diet played a very important role in achieving his objectives. However, he was not an expert in nutrition, he gained most of his information from body building magazines and experimented with different supplements in addition to eating a well balanced healthy diet.
Bruce and Brandon Lee 05.22.2007
Biopic "Bruce" on martial arts legend Bruce Lee's relationship with his son Brandon will be made for $12 million starting next year
Biopic "Bruce" on martial arts legend Bruce Lee's relationship with his son Brandon will be made for $12 million starting next year. Directed by Stanley Kwan with production design and editing help from William Chang, Wong Kar Wai's longtime collaborator. Jimmy Ngai is developing the script and the film will be made in cooperation with the Lee estate.
HD DVD Review: Enter the Dragon 05.22.2007
Martial arts masterpiece 'Enter the Dragon' is flawless, influential, and enormously entertaining
So much of Enter the Dragon is flawless, influential, or enormously entertaining that finding fault in this classic is nearly impossible. Bruce Lee shines, going undercover to expose a crime lord holding a fighting tournament. Every serious martial arts film to follow owes its existence to this 1973 masterpiece.
Bruce Lee and Me: A Martial Arts Adventure 04.30.2007
Bruce Lee and Me: A Martial Arts Adventure
The martial arts memoirs Bruce Lee and Me and American Shaolin are the stuff of glorious fantasy, writes Steven Poole.
1965 Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee 04.30.2007
Chuck Norris: So who is the greatest martial arts champion ever?
Parade magazine this past week conducted an online poll, asking the question, "Who would you rate as the toughest martial-arts star ever on the big screen?"
Circle of Iron (Silent Flute) 04.30.2007
Bruce Lee’s The Silent Flute: the adventure epic Circle of Iron on DVD with David Carradine, Christopher Lee, Roddy McDowall and Eli Wallach
The adventure epic written by Bruce Lee Circle of Iron is set to arrive on DVD in a new two-disc special Edition from Blue Underground on May 29th for the suggested retail price of $29.95.
'Bruce Lee' label not racist 04.30.2007
A man who called a Chinese restaurant owner "Bruce Lee" was not being racist
A man who called a Chinese restaurant owner "Bruce Lee" was not being racist, a sheriff has ruled.
Enter the Dragon 04.30.2007
Fight to the Death! A look at some notable entries in the genre
Pro wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's first turn as a leading man, "The Condemned," sank like a stone at the box office this past weekend, netting out a paltry $1,732 per theater. Could it be that, so soon after the terrible events at Virginia Tech, audiences weren't ready for a film whose unfortunate tagline of choice is "10 people will fight. 9 people will die. You get to watch"? Or maybe people were just hip to the fact that "The Condemned"'s premise of people fighting to the death for entertainment purposes (that of the audiences both within and watching the film) is hardly new. Movies have used the contrivance of the death-tournament as a vehicle for commentary on our violence- and voyeurism-obsessed culture, as its own excuse for copious violence and voyeurism, or, sometimes, both. Here's a look at some notable entries in the genre.
Bruce Lee tries new character 04.23.2007
Bruce Lee and Elis Presley: the king of kung-fu and the king of rock and rool. 2007 Seni Film Festival in London
Coming to the 2007 Seni Film Festival in London are a collection of new and classic martial arts movies dominated by a screening of rare Bruce Lee footage from his live demonstration during a Long Beach competition in 1967.
Bruce Lee fly kick from 'The fist of fury' 04.16.2007
Bruce Lee was ranked 37 in the History's 100 Most Influential People survey in Japan
Those lists of the greatest people in history usually have names like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington at the top, and then there are usually some athletes like Jackie Robinson or Joe Louis a little further down. At least, that's what the lists look like in America. There was recently , and it looked a little different.
Shannon Lee, Linda Lee 04.16.2007
Potential audience of billion people: former city woman to play Bruce Lee’s wife in Chinese TV series
Michelle Lang’s potential audience for the biggest role in her life totals over a billion people.
A movie still of Bruce Lee 04.10.2007
"The Legend of Bruce Lee", 40-part television series, has been started shooting in China
BEIJING -- China's national broadcaster, China Central Television, has started shooting a 40-part television series on the country's most legendary Kungfu master Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee Beams From His Grave 04.09.2007
Justin Lin's Finishing the Game: search for a replacement actor for Bruce Lee. San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival
SAN FRANCISCO – Kicking off the largest San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF) in its 25th year, Asian American director pioneer Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow, Annapolis, Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) opens the festival with a hilarious comedy, Finishing the Game (FTG), that gives hope for the future of Asian American community in the entertainment industry.
Green Hornet 04.04.2007
Kato from Green Hornet: crazy kung-fu kicking cool cat
Despite the fact that he was praised prominently in the very first item on the list, there was no greater outcry generated by this week’s Inventory on sidekicks cooler than their heroes than the omission of Kato, the kung-fu kicking chauffeur of the Green Hornet, portrayed in the 1966 TV show by the incomparable Bruce Lee.
Green Hornet emblem 04.04.2007
Green Hornet Buzzing at Columbia
Sure, Hollywood has been bouncing around the concept for years, but Columbia is making a little noise about recently acquiring the rights to the Green Hornet property.
Sony Columbia Pictures logo 04.04.2007
Sony plans to bring "Green Hornet" to the big screen
Hoping to match its massive success with the "Spider-Man" film franchise, Columbia Pictures announced today that it plans to bring another superhero to the big screen -- The Green Hornet.
Bruce Lee: Way of the Dragon 02.28.2007
Bruce Lee music video: "Lose control". Clips from Way of the dragon, Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury, Game of Death, The Big Boss
Bruce Lee nunchaku 02.28.2007
Touching video tribute to the spirit of Bruce Lee. "Remember", music by Josh Groban
Bruce Lee arm muscles 02.28.2007
Tears of the Dragon: Bruce Lee music video
Bruce Lee, hapkido Whang Ing Sik, Karate Robert Wall 02.28.2007
Bruce Lee vs. Grandmaster of hapkido Whang Ing Sik and Professional Karate Champion Robert Wall
Bruce Lee: don't make a fake movie about me! 01.29.2007
Rob Cohen's Bruce Lee CGI movie project is not to happen
Jeff Giles  writes: "Maybe you heard the news, leaked awhile back, that "XXX" and "Stealth" director Rob Cohen was planning on using existing footage and CGI wizardry to put together a new Bruce Lee movie. Or maybe you didn't hear the news, and now, reading it for the first time, you're shaking your head, moaning "No, no, no" uncontrollably, and breaking out in a cold sweat.
Bruce Lee is the best martial artist of the 20th century 01.29.2007
Are martial arts actors for real?
In Part 1, I presented some background information on some of the better- known martial art stars — Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris and Jet Li — in an attempt to answer some frequently asked questions I hear about martial art movie and television stars: Are they for real?
Bruce Lee stance from his movie "Big Boss" 01.15.2007
The mystery of Bruce Lee's death. Thoughts from fans
My description of Bruce Lee is in one word too - charismatic. This man has got charisma oozing out of every pore on his skin. His looks, his physique, his acting,, I dont know how to describe it. It’s just awesome.
Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris 01.14.2007
Chuck Norris: Facing the giant – Bruce Lee
Through the years one of the questions I've been asked most has been, ''What was it like to fight Bruce Lee?'' Of course we never actually fought off-screen, because Bruce didn't compete with me in professional tournaments. We did, however, periodically spar. Believe it or not, it was fun! I can say that because Bruce and I were friends, and we deeply respected each other as masters of martial arts.
Chan Kwok-Kwan: goalkeeper from "Shaolin Soccer" 01.14.2007
"Shaolin Soccer" star has landed the lead role in a Chinese television series on Bruce Lee
Looking like Bruce Lee has paid off for Hong Kong actor Chan Kwok-kwan. The actor played a Lee look-alike in the 2001 comedy "Shaolin Soccer" and has now landed the lead role in a new Chinese television series on the late kung fu star, newspapers reported Saturday.
Bruce Lee without uniform from "Enter the Dragon" 01.14.2007
My name is Lee, Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee who died 33 years ago hardly get a mention in our local papers now. The odd times that he would make the news would normally be on the anniversary of his death on July 20 when a feature on him would be published in his memory. That is also getting less and less frequent.
Phoebe and Robert Lee, sister and brother of Bruce Lee 01.14.2007
The Hong Kong TV series "Huo Yuanjia": new version on 25th anniversary of the original classic
The Hong Kong TV series "Huo Yuanjia" swept the nation back in the early 1980s. The lead roles, characters like Chen Zhen and Zhao Qiannan, are still etched in the memories of millions. And now a new version of the drama is about to hit the airwaves. Cast members got together for a press briefing, on the 25th anniversary of the original classic.
Bruce Lee fly kick in Japanese karate school from "Chinese Connection" 01.14.2007
The Legend of Bruce Lee lives on
The Martial Arts have been practiced for over 2000 years and millions have mastered this ancient art but in the modern era one name stands tall above the rest.
Digital Bruce Lee in Universal Interactive's XBOX title Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon 01.14.2007
I’m going to Bruce Lee World! Bruce Lee reborn with advanced digital technology
Bruce Lee truly is immortal. He’s been dead for 33 years and yet he stills receives the kind of publicity that most living celebrities would kill for. The scuttlebutt flooding news sites around the web recently is that Lee is going to get his very own theme park and make a miraculous comeback in a new feature film via digital editing.
Bruce Lee in thinking 01.14.2007
Bruce Lee thematical park: statue, memorial hall, martial arts academy and conference center for $25.5 million
A theme park with a statue and memorial hall will be built at Bruce Lee's southern Chinese ancestral home of Shunde, the president of his fan club said Monday. The park will also contain a martial arts academy and conference center, Wong Yiu-keung, chairman of the Hong Kong-based Bruce Lee Club, told The Associated Press.
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